About Me

A former collegiate athlete, I transitioned my work habits on the soccer field to business and leading software and technology initiatives across various industries and roles in both client services and IT.

Passionate about personal development, I am dedicated to growing daily as a Servant Leader and Faithful Steward of my time, talents, resources and relationships so that I can increase my value to others in business and life.


I believe in living life through my values. Among them include:

  • Remaining rooted in my faith.
  • Being a faithful steward of my time, talents, resources and relationships.
  • Serving to impact and add value to others.
  • Leaving a lasting legacy.
  • Building wealth to give generously.


Outside of my professional career, I impact through performance coaching in the following areas:

  • Personal development
  • Financial stewardship and personal money management
  • Entrepreneurship


I enjoy:

  • Dating my wife.
  • Spending time with my kids and supporting their hobbies and interests.
  • Health and fitness.
  • Reading for personal development and growth.
  • Downtime and relaxing at the beach.


I value building relationships, networking and learning from others. Let’s connect!