Book Summary Takeaways: Think and Grow Rich

“Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill is a classic in the personal growth section of many bookstores so thought I’d check out the summary.

Takeaways from this summary:

  • Create mental portraits of your success and what that looks like. Tap into all 5 senses as it relates to your desires and goals. I think this is why creating dream boards and associating goals with a picture is so important.
  • Your mind will believe almost anything (true or not) that you tell yourself repeatedly. This is encouraging in that we can program (or reprogram) how we think such as becoming a more positive person.
  • Surround yourself with "master mind allies" who will support you. Not only can you multiply your brain power, you will be encouraged by people who are working to achieve similar outcomes.

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Jason R. Price @jasonrprice