Book Summary Takeaways: Business Made Simple

I was super excited to see a new book summary for “Business Made Simple” by Donald Miller! I’m a big fan of Donald Miller’s previous book, Building a Storybrand, and jumped right into this one.

Takeaways from this summary:

  • Leadership - A strong mission statement is what you want to get done, why you want to achieve it and what your timeline is (summarized in a single sentence).
  • Productivity - Do tasks with the highest return on your time as early in the day as possible. Refuse distraction by lower priorities. Divide your day into time blocks and allocate activities, such as email, to blocks of time.
  • Marketing - Start with a one-liner which is a single sentence that describes a problem, how you are able to solve it and how life will improve for your customer once the problem is solved. Your one-liner should pique curiousity.

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Jason R. Price @jasonrprice