Book Summary Takeaways: More than Enough

Dave Ramsey is my favorite financial guru. I coordinated Financial Peace University (FPU) for my church and learned a lot listening to his radio program, reading his books, attending FPU as a student and serving as a coordinator / coach.

Takeaways from this summary:

  • Avoid instant gratification. Everything comes with hard work.
  • Money issues are the leading cause of divorce.
  • If you want wealth, lead a life of integrity and of principles and values.
  • Big enemies of financial challenges: credit card debt, student loans, huge mortgages.
  • Seek accountability partners in all areas of life, including finances.
  • As it relates to credit card debt (or anything else for that matter) - "The level of intensity with which you embrace change will determine how quickly you turn things around."
  • Advertising is designed to distrupt contentnment.
  • True wealth is measured by how much you are giving to others.

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