Book Summary Takeaways: Taking the Work Out of Networking

I really believe networking and making connections is a skill everyone should build no matter their job or industry. Such skills help you grow and I believe it’s not what you know but who that makes the biggest difference.

Networking is definitely a skill that must be learned and as an introvert, it’s one I’ve had to focus more time on developing. That’s why I was super excited to read the summary for “Taking the Work Out of Networking - An Introvert’s Guide to Making Connections That Count”.

Takeaways from this summary:

  • Leverage what you got. Introverts are often curious and good listeners.
  • Ask a few questions and let the other person do all the talking.
  • The power of a network comes from the diverse background of people and their experiences.
  • Set a goal to strive to make connections all the time.
  • Digital tools, such as LinkedIn, can make networking less time consuming.
  • Develop small talk skills. This is where networking always starts.
  • Stay in loose touch with people so you're not reaching out when you need something.

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Jason R. Price @jasonrprice