• Jason R Price

Tools I use to be more productive

Updated: Jun 29

I thought I would share some of the tools and apps that I use to help me manage my life and be more productive. I'll continue to update this post from time to time so be sure to check back often! I'm always experimenting with new tools and certainly, open to your recommendations and ideas in the comments as well!

1. Wix: This website is built on Wix and I find it super easy to use. I used to blog using Wordpress but I have found the templates available here provide excellent design options with plenty of features for a basic website and blog. Side note, having your own website is a great way to showcase your personal brand and services you offer.

2. Day One App: I think journaling is a healthy habit because it stimulates a deeper level of thinking. For journaling, I use the Day One app. I used to use Moleskine journals but I love Day One because I can use it on my phone, table or computer. It also offers templates and the ability to customize your own. You can essentially create any type of journal entry that you want (lists, ideas, reflections, etc.)

3. Calendly: This service saves a lot of time if you schedule networking meetings with people. You can create appointments and integrate the service with your calendar of choice. You can share our personal meeting link with others, they can schedule a meeting and it shows right up on your calendar!

4. Trello: This is a cool service if you want to create an electronic board with tasks and move them from step to step through a defined process. A great example is a project that you need to move tasks to different phases.

5. Pinboard: I use different web browsers depending on what I'm doing or where I'm working. Versus trying to keep all of my bookmarks in sync, I use Pinboard to store them. It is a super simple website to add links and tag them. I also set my browsers to open Pinboard as the home page so all of my links are ready to use.

6. Instapaper: This service makes reading articles easy and for the additional minimal fee you can add notes, highlights, etc. If I’m going to read an article from the web, I save it to Instapaper and read it later. I then archive it if I find it of value. You essentially create your own archive database of articles that you can search and reference later.

7. Feedly: I subscribe to my news and resources on the web to eliminate all the distractions. As a side note, I really don’t read lots of articles as I spend most of my time reading books. However, Feedly is a great way to get news on your terms without so many things being pushed at you.

8. Done: Done is a habit tracking app. I have certain daily habits that I work on everyday to make my day as productive as possible. As a habit tracker, I can eliminate bad habits that aren’t moving me towards my goals as well as track good habits to make sure I’m consistent and move my life forward.

9. YNAB: You Need a Budget is my spending and money management tracker. Each month my wife and I update our budget and track our spending. YNAB, for a small fee can be used with your financial institutions and automatically download transactions to then assign to spending categories. Your money manages you, or you manage your money. I prefer the latter and YNAB is a great tool for helping me do that.

What tools are in your toolkit? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.